How to play



1. Load money onto an iPlay play card at our counter! 


2. Locate the black strip on your iPlay card. This strip is the key to playing games throughout the arcade.


3. On every game throughout the arcade you'll find a coloured device with an LCD panel, these are called "Swipers".  The colours of the swipers will be different depending on the category of game they are attached to. 


4. Game panel displays the cost of the game and the discounted VIP price.  


5. If you have loaded an appropriate package or a money value, the lights on the swiper will turn 

multi-coloured and the game will begin then allow play.


6. If you do not have sufficient or appropriate credits loaded, the swiper will flash red and display a message of "Insufficient Credits".


7. Swipers work like EFTPOS cards. Be gentle! 


Our AWESOME staff are there to help. Give them a holla to show you how we play @ iPlay. 


For more information on how to load credits or on our prices and packages, please go to


 For more information on the game categories, please follow the link