Daily Specials


*please note that these deals do NOT apply during school holidays*

Monday Madness

Spend $30 and get unlimited play on Yellow and Red Swiper Games with 200 tickets preloaded onto your card and unlimited Laser Tag and Dodgem Cars for 4 Hours!



Ticket Tuesday

Register your card as a VIP and the 5 People with the Most Tickets for the Day get a Free Ticket to the Hoyts Movie Theatre.





Whacky Wednesday

Half Price Games All Day! Includes Laser Tag, Dodgems, Bowling, Shooting Gallery. Excludes Prize and Self Redemption games.






Thursday Bowling

All Day Cheap Bowling.

$4 Dollar per Game of Bowling

Book now!



Friday Frenzy

Spend $20 dollars and Play unlimited Laser Tag from 6pm to 11pm. Yes 5 Hours of Laser Tag. Are you up to it!!!