Let's answer all your questions:

Bonus dollars are an additional balance added to your card when you load a certain amount of money onto your play card.

We have e-tickets which go straight onto your play card.

A time pack is a set period of time with certain games including in that time frame. Only one card can be used by one person (no card sharing). They must be used immediately from purchase.

You do not need to book for time packs - just come in when you're ready to play!

Can I purchase a redemption prize with cash?

Prizes from the redemption counter cannot be purchased for cash.

You simply have to load or accumulate $50 on a standard iPlay card and register at the counter!

Credit and tickets expire after 12 months.

Opening hours vary each store. Please contact your store for the details.

Bookings are online. Simply go to your store, click on the iPlay of your choice and after checking out the packages, click on the BOOK NOW button. OR you can pop in or call the store directly.

Email us and we'll respond as soon as possible:

ACT: belconnenmanager@iplayaustralia.com.au

QLD: Questions@iplayaustralia.com.au

WA: Operations@iplayaustralia.com.au

NSW: Questions@iplayaustralia.com.au

You can go into the store you registered your card at and they can look you up and reissue your card and credits. You must need proof of identity. If the card isn't registered or you don't have the number, we won't be able to assist you.



Is a deposit required for a party?

A $100 deposit can be paid directly to the store at the store to secure your booking (Belconnen can pay online).

Is there a minimum number of guests for a birthday party booking?

Yes, the minimum number is 8 to qualify for an iPlay party. If you have under 8, you don't qualify for a party booking. But we recommend our store Time Pack deals!

Is there an age limit for iPlay birthday parties?

Absolutely not! We do have height limits for dodgems and age recommendations for laser BUT aside from that, we have arcade games for all ages. 

Can I bring a birthday cake?

iPlay doesn’t charge cakeage and will help you store and serve it! some stores have birthday cakes available as add ons.

Can I/we bring my own food?

We have individual catering options per store. Please call your closest store for more information.

Do we need to arrive earlier than our booking time?

We request you come in 10-15 minutes earlier so we can finalise payment, activate your play cards and give you a debrief!

Do we need to stay with the party?

Yes. A parent/supervisor guardian must stay with the party at all times. iPlay is not responsible for children left unattended in the store. 

How long is a birthday party?

Depending on the party you book but parties can run from 2 hours to 3 hours. A 45 minute period for presents, snacks and cake is included in your allotted time.

Does the birthday booking need to be confirmed?

We call you three days prior to the party to confirm the final numbers and any catering options you might like to add. 

What do I need to do to book a party urgently?

To book an urgent party we recommend you call or go into the store. Emails are great but we can't guarantee someone is sitting at the computer 24/7!

What do the different colour swipers mean?

Green:           Instant Prize Games  (ie. Claw Machine)
Blue / Purple: Feature Game (ie. Walking Dead)
Yellow:           Video Games (ie. Super Mario Cart)
Red:              Ticket Games (ie. Basketball Hoops)

What are the height restrictions for dodgems?

Minimum height of 120cm
Children between 120 and 129cm must be accompanied by an adult
130cm+ can drive

What are the height restrictions for laser tag?

None but it depends on the child’s ability to wear the vest as it can be quite heavy for little ones.

How do I cancel my party?

You need to call the store your party is booked at. We will work with you on mapping out a better option or time at a store level. 

Do you do invitations?

We sure do have one standard invite for you to print right here! 


You can apply by clicking on your iPlay store and sending your details from the web form on the page. Or you can pop in with a resume!
We do NOT accept applications over the phone or social media.

We love hearing from our customers!

Email our head office info@iplayaustralia.com.au 



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