iPlay Broadway 

Normal Trading Hours: Sun-Mon 10:30 am - 9 pm

School Holidays Hours: Sun -Fri 9:30 am - 9:30 pm | Fri - Sat 9:30 am - 10 pm

Email: broadway@iplayaustralia.com.au

Broadway Sydney

21/1 Bay St, Sydney NSW 2037


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Age is no limit for our arcades whether you're a little kid or a very grown-up kid, we'll have something for everyone. An abundance of the latest games matched with your favourite retros will keep you occupied for hours! Show your skills by taking on Dad on the latest Maximun Tune! Challenge your mates to air hockey and NBA basketball and collect your tickets for the latest and greatest prizes from our prize shop. The arcade will bring out the inner child in all of us as you lose yourself amongst hours of action and fun.

We even have a great selection of games to win tickets and prizes!


Bonus Dollars

Load $25 and get $30 | Load $35 and get $45

Load $50 and get $70 | Load $100 and get $150

iPlay Packs*


$20 Play Pack           

40 Minutes unlimited red and yellow games

200 tickets



$26 Super Play Pack

70 Minutes unlimited red and yellow games

2 x purple prize games

2 x blue feature games

300 tickets



$90 Family Play Pack

4 x Super Play Packs




Time delay of approximately 30 seconds applies between swipes on all IPLAY PACKS. One card use per person with all IPLAY PACKS

No tickets won during arcade gameplay. Add on’s are for one play only per person. See staff for more details.






For employment opportunities please email careers@iplayaustralia.com.au